‘Bout 60 Good Miles East Of Memphis

Our front porch gives an entirely new meaning to slow sipin’ and fine whinin’. 

Hi there, I’m Mandi from Myrtle. Myrtle, Mississippi that is. A rather large town. Ranking among those with their own zip code. Yet falling short of, so much as a single red light. Where with pride, niether beer nor liquor are sold.  Tradition is honored, and  nevah, evah considered old.  Sundays downtown look a lot like Chic fil la, closed.  Southern Sundays no doubt come with a garauntee. Fullilled by no other than, every families very own Grandmother. If dinner isn’t on the grounds (at the church house), you can bank on it being at Grandmother’s house. We all knew not to be late. Sweet tea poured and first plate passed, just as soon as we could regather, directly after the alter call, every single Sunday!

Geographically Myrtle can be found by leaving Memphis Tennessee and heading due East (evening travel is advised) toward Elvis Presley’s place of birth, Tupelo Mississippi.   60 seemingly decolate miles out of Memphis, (you are in the wrong town if you see a red light) you will find Myrtle.  With a census,  just under a thousand. Along with all 28 folks I graduated high school with, eighteen years ago.
If you turn around to catch the sunset, you are sure to find it behind one of our many, (certain to be either Baptist or Methodist)  Church steeples.


Myself.. I’m just a mother like most of you. Only because I wanted to be clinically certified, as in, I’m sure if I could find them, I would have papers.  The reason being, y’all, I put 17 years between my daughters. Senior pics and 6 week photo sessions, are all inclusive. I suppose I’ve always been some what of a trendsetter!  Certainly sounds better than “out right crazy”.

I can also be found among societies exhausted, not mention squished beyond recognishion….. Sandwhich Generation  (kids at home, full time job, and sick and/or dying parent or parent or parents).

However I was raised in the heat and the God Blessed South’s humidity.  With that being said we are some what notoriuos for pulling off false humility. Meanwhile leading the nation in the fine art of gossip. A face to face confrontation is likely to leak some unwanted dirty laundry for both parties. So talking behind and knives in backs, are quite common around these parts. Children catch on and learn early. I’ve heard the whispers of Maddie Lee’s classmates. They think, I dont understand their code word for “hot older woman”.  To appease, I pretend that I actually think these young boys are referencing a living, breathing, African (or are the South American)  Cougar from the feline species.  Lord knows I’m in no way, shape, for, or fashion hot.  I’m however much closer to their age than the greater percentage of other High School Junior parents. So by default I am the cougar mother of the Junior Class.

On the flip side, are the ladies who work at the daycare Remi Beau attends. Her first day, a lady came out of the kitchen with a group of children following like ducks and said, “Mrs Hargrove, I believe you used to babysit me and my older sister when I was a little girl.” To which I admitantly agreed. As soon as she said it another lady said “Kelly Joe it’s not nice to round about tell off on a lady’s age”. I feel as if  I could conquer the world and have been chewed up by the world, all with in the first 15 minutes of every day! 

Speaking of world, my girls are my world. I’m Baptist, Southern to be exact. It took me 2 years to put myself through nursing school. I made ends meet by doing hair. I’ve conquared the majority of this motherhood thing singly. In short, I’m a proponent of proper ettiquette, guns and quick wit.

If I had to tell you a mentor in writing, I would have to say, growing up and to this day, Lewis Grizzard.  Yep ‘Ole Lewis without a doubt!

I have a passion for writing.  If anyone has a need for a good Southern read.  I’d love the opportunity for….  you and your followers, to please!
Looking forward to meeting and reading your material! 


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