Southern Humor Is Still Very Much Alive

Can the evolving world of journalism and politically correct humor, attempt the bringing back of such an icon? 

A Proper Southern Ode to ‘Lewis’.

Come on y’all it ain’t that hard. The man I speak of is Lewis Grizzard.

I was a 14 year old girl when Lewis died. I remember thinking, what in the world are daddy and I going to talk about without his column every week?

I grew up wanting to be just like the famous columnist. With the exception of a better heart of course.

A right smart of flack came with being such a young Grizzard reader. You try going back to the 6th grade class and telling that “babies are a sexually transmitted disease”. I generally got a whoopin’ at home, if my teachers saw fit to give me one at school. However on that particular day, daddy saw fit to give me grace.

My work is nothing to write home about but it gives me something to write about while I’m at home. It is certainly no comparison to Mr Grizzards, but rather a tribute to the wit he and my late father shared.

I’d love nothing more than attempt (and I use that word strongly) to continue what Lewis Grizzard did for all those years. 

Doing a documentary on the man who could formulate the press’s greatest reads would also be a privilege. 

Southern humor is not out of date. It’s the only region in America that can have so much pride and security in their heritage, shown so by everyone’s ability to laugh at it. Meanwhile through often time real tears embrace it.  

Just because I talk slow doesn’t mean that I am slow.             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 What I am, is a vivaciously laid back procrastinator, who happens to be……. southern.

A Southerner Simply Can Not Describe Themselves In A New York Minute


  • About me….MyMaddRemi 
  • Mississippi Made
  • Thanks to 2 a fine hard working couple of Americans. With instructions for care…..(Delicate, Handwashed then somewhere along the line, hung out to dry).
  • ​I can’t remember anything.
  • My attorney and his number are the only thing I retain.
  • ​Taking care of a dying parent is one of the biggest privileges I have ever had.
  • My Mother is better than yours
  • ​Sinner saved by GRACE
  • ​DA Magna cum laudeI

(not just anyone can successfully complete 36 years in the fine art of being a dumb ass. So what if I was graded on a learning curve.

  • I dropped out of the classes of moderation impulsiveness perseverance, persistence, poise, resignation, restraint, self-control, leaving me with a perfect 4.0
  • Me Sarcastic, Never
  • Indecisive…..Maybe
  • Puttin’ Off & Procrastinating
  • Laid Back, as in damn near lazy

  • Manner Minding with the Occasionally exception of moderately Swearin
  • Im not a fan of kids but old folks sure can get to my heart
  • If I were a sheep……..I’d be black it goes with practically everything

I’ve been on top, rock bottom (with a shovel), married, divorced, single, cheated, cheated on, hired, fired, brought life in this world, and watched life leave, ran marathons, smoked cigarettes, addicted, recovered, loved, hated, blamed, shamed, praised, cursed admired, with the occasional put through the ringer. Over all I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in.


Baptist that is!
‘Cause Y’all all know we have the

Free Will Baptist

Original Free Will Baptist

Primitive Baptist

Progressive Primitive Baptist

Fundamental Baptist

Independent Baptist

Missionary Baptist

Old Time Missionary Baptist

Regular Baptist

Reformed Baptist

Separate Baptist

General Baptist

United Baptist

Unregistered Baptist

Then of course the Regular Baptist.
oh and Old Regular Baptist.

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head, but your average Baptist Church in the South are Southern Baptist (go figure). We aren’t as narrow minded as one might think. I mean were allowed to play with the Methodist and Presbyterian kids at recess.
MyMaddRemi blogs are generally geared for the conservative Southern reader. I’ve never had success making a liberal Yankee blush. I just can’t bring myself to write without a little tease. What’s a piece without a tease? The answer is generally one of two things. Either too easy or history!


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